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Fourline creative is a full service creative design production company, creating for television, live entertainment & live events. We specialize in creative direction, production design, lighting design, event production and design, content creation and more. 

Michael Apostolos

Founder / Creative Director

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Joseph Esquivel

Art Director / Photographer

Griffin Dennen

Associate Designer / Programmer

Bob Zegler

Associate Designer / Content Director

Michael Apostolos is the founder and lead creative of Fourline. Starting as a young intern for a local lighting company, he began his career prepping tours in the shop and learning the intricate details of the equipment used for live shows. When not working at the lighting shop, Michael worked as a stagehand with IATSE Local 2, gaining a hands on experience in all things production while setting up shows all around Chicago. After a few years working as an intern and perfecting his skills on many lighting consoles, he utilized his experience and talents and began touring the world with a number of artists as their lighting designer. He eventually adopted the role as a production designer and now focuses his work on creative direction and production design. He has quickly made a name for himself in the industry, becoming known for his design abilities and attention to detail in everything he creates. Specifically, he gained attention for his work with Chance The Rapper, landing himself a Parnelli Award nomination for production designer of the year in 2018. Michael has since collaborated on a variety of different projects with artists from all over the world. From producing a nationally televised celebration concert to designing performances on late night tv, he is versatile in every aspect of his work. At Fourline, Michael works closely with clients from the jump, including the initial concept and design phase to the final product. He treats every project as if its the largest he's ever worked on, the goal of leaving those that view his work with a feeling of emotion and an unforgetable experience.

Joe Esquivel started his work behind a camera at a young age by making skate videos in high school. Later his camera got him into the Chicago music scene, where he would go from house parties to concerts filming everything in between. Eventually, that led Joe to start directing music videos for smaller artists that were just beginning to grow. As Joe's videos started appearing on television, he began simultaneously building an interest in live concerts. Being from Chicago, Joe got a chance to work with some of the most popular up and coming local artists around. While excelling in music videos and working with artists from the local musc scene, Chicago native Chance The Rapper enrolled Joe to get involved in his "10 day" era concerts. Following a few years working with Chance, Joe eventually moved to Los Angeles to continue his work in film while Fourline's founder, Michael Apostolos, took over as the director for Chance's shows. After a few years in LA working on film sets as a producer, Joe returned to his roots in Chicago. He has since been utilizing his wide range of skills producing award winning new media conent, art directing nationally televised music performances, and above all else being a great dad.

Griffin Dennen started his career as a stagehand, working with various unions and small production companies throughout California. He spent his early days learning and developing a core knowledge across both the film and entertainment industries. The time he spent on set and at venues at a young age made him fall in love with the art of the show. Griffins career spans across the film and music industry, his experience in television, digital multimedia and lighting design gives him a diverse skillset for a variety of situations. Over the years he has worked with a multitude of artists, dealing with projects in all different shapes and sizes. Despite the project, the goal remains the same; create unforgettable experiences and make someone feel something.

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema in 2009, Bob Zegler began working in the field of film production. He has produced several award winning commercial and narrative projects, including a short film that won the “Chicago Award” for best local feature, short film, and documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival. His transition into event & television production began back in 2013 when Fourline Project Manager, Joe Esquivel, enlisted Zegler to assist with content creation and video operation for Chance the Rapper’s first tour in 2013. He continues to serve as video content producer, media server programmer / operator, and assistant creative director for Chance’s tours, one-offs, and television performances. Additionally, Bob has worked as a VJ, content creator and video designer for many artists including Big Sean, Rae Sremmurd, SZA, and others.

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